Loaves and Fishes Ministry

Staff & Board of Directors


Our Executive Director is Joe Burmester, previously Office Manager with Loaves and Fishes and a former CEO of a consulting firm, Partner with KPMG and a senior executive in several technology firms.  You may reach Joe by email at jburmester@LAFChildren.org

Dana Wright was one of the first Loaves and Fishes graduates.  She returned in 1998 as a Public Allies intern.  She has since completed the Public Allies National Leadership Program, has been Director of Family Support and is currently our Program Director, leading our team of facilitators and working closely with our families, public schools and community support partners. You may reach Dana by email at dwright@LAFChildren.org.

Mecca Dixon joined LAF as a Facilitator in 2015. She has assisted the Executive Director in fund development and is now responsible for also assisting in the planning and delivery of the many events and activities necessary to support LAF. She continues to work with our middle school youth. You may reach Mecca by email at mdixon@LAFChildren.org.

We are pleased to have an outstanding team of Facilitators who work with our children to support their success in academics, social skills, and life skills development. Our Facilitators for the 2015-2016 academic year, including email addresses to contact them, are:

Grades K - 1                    Kiana Williams            kwilliams@LAFChildren.org

Grades 2 - 3                    Jordan Bowman          jbowman@LAFChildren.org   

Grades 3 - 5                    Mona Lindsay             mlindsay@LAFChildren.org  

Middle/High School           Chanetta Farmer        cfarmer@LAFChildren.org   

                                      Mecca Dixon              mdixon@LAFChildren.org
                                      Dana Wright              dwright@LAFChildren.org

We are delighted to have interns from Shaw University and North Carolina State University joining our team, providing academic backgrounds to support our children and great enthusiasm in addition to our staff.

Board of Directors

The Loaves and Fishes Board of Directors has five (5) standing committees:  Administration, Board Development, Resource Development, Multicultural, and Program.  The Executive Committee is comprised of all officers and other board members appointed by the Board Chair. The Board of Directors and the committees meet once every two months or as needed.



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